HOme goods that make a home feel good

At SWEETGUM Textiles our mission is make homes feel good

by making ethically-produced, eco-friendly home goods

Hi There,

I'm Sandra, the founder of Sweetgum.  I've always been curious about how certain places have a character to them like no other. New England is like that. You know when you're in a New England village by the style of the architecture and the cottage gardens overflowing with herbs.  Sweetgum was founded on that notion that certain places have what urban planners call a "Sense of Place".  The designs and patterns created for our products strive to capture the character of New England.  I find inspiration in the natural landscape and my cottage garden.  Using natural fibers like linen and cotton is important to me, as is insuring that all the printers and cut & sew factories we partner with follow ethical labor practices.  My mission is to create beautiful products for the home that evoke a sense of place, New England, and make you feel good using them because you know they were made with care.




About us:

Who we are

SWEETGUM Textiles Co. llc. was founded in 2016 by architect Sandra Venus with her husband Jon Richardson.  Sandra studied FineArts at R.I.S.D. & Architecture at U.W. in Seattle.  Her architectural portfolio includes the design of homes from the Maine coast to the mountains of Vermont and the New Jersey highlands.  

Sandra’s process for creating textile designs involves using a variety of mediums; hand sketching, photography, watercolor and digital illustration. 

Our hand screen printed yardage is printed in an historic textile mill in Rhode Island that has been family owned and operated since 1937.  They are one of the few hand printed fabric mills remaining in the USA.   

The cut & sew workrooms we collaborate with to make our finished goods are in Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania & Michigan.   Talented women with decades of combined experience in the garment industry sew the kitchen linens and home goods.   

Protecting the natural environment that inspires us

Our Swedish style dishcloths are made from renewable fibers, and can be composted after using for 6-9 months.  A great alternative to paper towels.

Our kitchen fabrics are all natural: 100% linen, cotton/linen blends,  100% cotton.   We use eco-friendly inks and dyes to print our patterns. 

Our digitally printed fabrics are printed in Pennsylvania on demand to reduce waste. 

What inspires us

A hike along the sand dunes of the Massachusetts coast or Sandra's cottage garden are most often the sources of inspiration for Sweetgum patterns and designs.  We're always looking for an excuse to get outside and explore!

Our design studio is located in a small village on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Nature Lab
Sweetgum studio


We believe products are only as good as the process used to make them, which is why we:


  • Use products sourced from renewable fibers & can be composted

  • Provide an alternative to paper towel use (helping to save our forests) 

  • Use natural fibers and inks that don't damage the environment during the printing process

  • Work with cut & sew factories here in the USA that meet fair labor practices

  • Minimize waste by producing digitally printed textiles on demand


The rewards for these efforts?    A thriving community built on kindness to our planet and each other.  A wealth of home goods that make homes feel good.    We wouldn't dream of doing business any other way. 



Sandra Venus, founder of Sweetgum textiles co., studied fine arts at R.I.S.D. & architecture at U.W. in Seattle.  Our design studio is located in a small village on the North Shore of Massachusetts.