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10 Simple, Sustainable ideas for Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day is all about showing our special caretakers - the moms, stepmoms, grandmas, aunts, and other incredible women who raise and care for children - how much we appreciate them!  Doing so doesn't have to be expensive, surrounded in layers of packaging and wrapping, nor does it necessitate excessive carbon emissions... 



These 10 ideas for an eco-friendly Mother's Day celebration are sure to please both the special caretaker(s) in your life and Mother Earth 🌍!!

1) Make a homemade, heartfelt card - or record a special, personalized video💗

2) Serve breakfast in bed, host brunch, or deliver her fresh baked goods 🥞🥯🍩

3) Pick a bouquet from your garden (blooming branches are wonderful to use), or buy her a plant or in-season produce from your local farm  (most cut flowers are grown far outside the U.S.!!) 🪴🍓💐

4) Take her dog for a walk or help with other pets 🐾

5) Let her sleep in (or give her some alone time) 🛏️💤

6) Tackle decluttering or another project on her to-do list, together 🏠

7) Help plant her garden 🥕🍅🌻

8) Take a hike, bike ride or a walk together 🗻🚲🚶‍♀️🌳

9) Plan an outing - to a café, museum, or the beach 🍵🖼️🏖️

10) Frame a favorite photo 📸

P.S. - Whatever you do, don't leave a mess. Nothing will ruin the "you're appreciated" vibes faster than a sink full of dishes, a counter covered in drips and crumbs, or muddy paw prints throughout her house... We would of course recommend eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths for the tidying up✨😊.  



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