PLACE..... in the making™

happy as a clam in New England

Jon with our boys, Walter & Sam, in Pemaquid, Maine (where we were married)

I've lived in this place called New England longer than I've lived anywhere else.  Twenty years to be exact.   It's a place I call home.  It's special to me for so many reasons.  I went to RISD in Providence for my undergrad years (influential years I’m sure you’ll agree!).  My husband (Jon) and I were married here in New England.  I got my first job as an architect in Boston.  Most important of all, our two boys were born here.  Now 15 and 12 years old, my boys have cemented the bond I have with this place.  It is special for sure.

New England hasn’t always been my home though.   I’ve lived all over the country and even spent some time abroad while in school.  I was born in New York state, grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Rhode Island, spent time in California, Colorado & Florida then ended up in Seattle for grad school (where Jon and I met).  While in school I studied in Mexico and Italy.  I loved all of those places.  Each one had a distinct local vibe and I could have imagined myself settling down in any one of those unique areas for good. 

Somehow though, New England ended up being the place for me & Jon.  (Could it be because he is a native New Englander and couldn’t resist the pull to come back home…I wonder.)

It’s this question of what makes a place special that interests me.  The blog, “Place…. in the making”  will explore that question and celebrate the many things about both this region and other regions that Jon & I find interesting.  

How is this related to Sweetgum?… Sweetgum is a creative endeavor that celebrates the history and landscape of the region through design and process.  I am inspired by the architecture of the mill towns as much as by the flowers in my cottage garden.  All of these elements come together to create products that I hope capture a sense of place.

We’ll take turns on the blog entries and invite some friends to add their thoughts on “place” as well.

I hope you enjoy our musings.  

And let us know about the places you find compelling, amusing or distinctive (send a photo too!)